About the Academy

The Academy

Welcome to Outwood Primary Academy Bell Lane where we aim to provide your child with an excitement and enjoyment for learning that will offer a secure basis for their future.

Our friendly, creative academy strives to address the needs of every child and provides a wide range of activities and challenges for its pupils. Academic subjects are taught effectively alongside more creative subjects such as music, drama and art that encourage all children to express themselves freely and work collaboratively with others. Our academy also offers a range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits to support these values.

As an academy we are constantly evolving, looking for ways to improve our practice, enliven our teaching and as a result, secure ever growing success in the achievements of our pupils. We believe in encouraging children to build on their successes however small, explore their creativity and rise to any challenge. These skills are important if your children are to become the secure foundation that an ever changing future society needs.

Walk into our academy and you will see how every child’s work is valued through the lively, informative displays.

Attend Inspire sessions, class showing assemblies and information sessions to learn more about what is being taught in different subject areas and to better enable you to help us to support your child.

Join our hard-working PTA in raising funds to provide stimulating resources for our children that will enrich their learning.

Outwood Primary Academy Bell Lane embraces the whole community and values the ideas and opinions of everyone.

Before you form your own opinion why not come and visit us – we may be exactly what your child needs!

Mrs R Hewitt (Principal)

Ethos and Values

As a school and Multi Academy Trust, we firmly believe that the whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect that single goal.

We pride ourself on delivering a high standard of education within a safe, caring and positive environment where, irrespective of their starting points, all children make progress and achieve their full potential. We believe all children have a talent and children leave Outwood Primary Academy Bell Lane with a clear sense of what that talent is and how they need to further develop that talent to succeed in the wider world.

We strive to make our pupil’s learning as exciting and enjoyable as we can - ensuring all aspects of learning are rich, enhanced and engage all learners. We work to enable our children to become successful, independent learners, to achieve the best they can in order to prepare them for life beyond Outwood Primary Academy Bell Lane.

The School Day

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