The academy caterers are Dolce.

The cost of a school dinner if your child is in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Key Stage 2) is £2.25 per day (£11.25 per week).

Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1) currently receive school meals for free.

To make sure that your child gets the meal of their choice, Dolce gives you the opportunity to pre-order their meal. All you have to do is provide a working email address to the academy office. We will then arrange for your ‘Live Kitchen’ account to be created. By accessing ‘Live Kitchen’ online, you will be able to order meals from a given choice for your child and look up Dolce’s recipes to check what they put into the meals, which are in the main, freshly cooked from raw ingredients. Your email address will only ever be used for the purposes of logging in and as a means of contact from Live Kitchen (so no junk email).

Once your account is set up you can then organise to pay online for your child’s meals, if this is applicable for your child. Payment can be made through direct debit paid in arrears or card payment. If you are unable to pay online, please contact the academy office.

Free school meals will work in the same way, however, it would be helpful for you to set up a ‘Live Kitchen’ account so that you can be involved in helping your child choose their school meals.

With this new system your child will still be able to choose their meals in a morning from their classroom if you have not done this with them online at home.

Logging onto your ‘Live Kitchen’ account you can access the menu for that half term, look at the recipes used in preparing the meals and complete any dietary requirements for your child.

If you have any other questions on this please give us a call in the office or have a look at the Dolce website –